In light of new Forum Poll, Here's a Comparison of Some Other Polls...

338Canada Update: So long, Tory lead

Léger/Canadian Press: Conservative Lead Shrinks to 3 Points Over Liberals

Three New Polls Show Liberals in the Lead or Tied for 1st Place

Ontario Model (Re)launch

338Canada Federal Update: Majority or Bust for Andrew Scheer?

EKOS: CPC 32, LPC 31, Greens 15, NDP 11

Confused by the latest federal polls? Here's some help

Ipsos/Global News: CPC 37, LPC 31, NDP 18, GPC 7, BQ 5

Look at the Tide Movement, Not Just the Water Level

338Canada Federal Projection Update: All Bets Are Off

Mainstreet Research: Liberals 35, Conservatives 33, NDP 10, Greens 10

Nanos July 5th 2019: LPC 35, CPC 30, NDP 18, Greens 9

338 Federal Projection Update: Back to Square One

Abacus Data: CPC 33, LPC 32, NDP 16

Nanos Has Liberals Back on Top: LPC 35, CPC 32, NDP 17, Greens 10