Poilievre is the favourite, but his potential for growth is limited

The Conservative Party of Canada is (once again) entering a leadership race after Erin O'Toole was precipitously expelled by his own caucus last week. The favourite candidate at the starting line of this race is Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre. According to the latest Leger poll released on Tuesday, Poilievre is by far the preferred candidate among Conservative voters: 26 per cent of respondents say Poilievre would be the best choice to lead the CPC, ahead of Ontario Premier Doug Ford (10 per cent) and former Conservative minister Rona Ambrose (6 per cent). Ambrose has already indicated that she will not be in the race. Doug Ford has also said that he is focused on his own re-election at Queen's Park (the Ontario general election is scheduled for June 2), and not on the federal Conservative race.

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