Poll: How much do Canadians dislike Donald Trump? A lot.

As we enter the last month of the campaign, what do Canadians think of the U.S. presidential race? If, hypothetically, Canadians could vote for president, how would they vote? We present today the results of an exclusive Léger poll for 338Canada which asked over 1,500 Canadian voters this exact question. Let's take a look at the national results, and then break them down by region, age, and political allegiance.

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Philippe J. Fournier is the creator of Qc125 and 338Canada. He teaches physics and astronomy at Cégep de Saint-Laurent in Montreal. For information or media request, please write to info@Qc125.com.

Philippe J. Fournier est le créateur de Qc125 et 338Canada. Il est professeur de physique et d'astronomie au Cégep de Saint-Laurent à Montréal. Pour toute information ou pour une demande d'entrevue médiatique, écrivez à info@Qc125.com.